bob手机体育版机床诊断(MTD) foremost a CNC/ Machine Tool Service Organization. For the first 4 years of our existence, “service” was a very literal term; for us it meant diagnosing and repairing a machine tool in a non-operative state. Our customers groomed us with their confidence in our ability to repair even the most difficult machine tool issues. While “service” continues to be defined by its literal meaning in our industry; “service” for us as an organization has evolved into a complete machine tool organization.

“Service” for the MTD team is a comprehensive outlook from our customer’s point of view. That means we continually look at how our decisions affect our customers. Now that MTD offers some of the most state of the art CNC Equipment and Automation Solutions in the World; “Service” is an attitude striving for maximum customer success.

  • “Service” is a complete pre and post-sale solution for our current and prospective customers.

  • “Service” is informing you on exactly what you are buying and how you are buying from us.

  • “Service” is a cycle time study showing you how long it will take to make a return on your investment.

  • “Service” is a test cut showing you exactly how the machine performs during production environments.

  • “Service” is onsite applications support.

  • “Service” is handpicking and managing our suppliers to benefit you, our customer.

  • “Service” is providing comprehensive financial services to increase affordability.

  • “Service” is complete installation service on any machine tool you purchase.

  • “Service” is onsite training for your new or used piece of equipment.

  • “Service” is literal. Maintaining your machinery through the course of its production life.

  • “Service” is providing answers in a timely manner.

  • “Service” is working together to build towards a profitable future.

Service comes in many forms, all of which we are proud to provide. So welcome to MTD, we are glad you’re here.